BCLME Top Predators Project

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Executive summary

Introductory chapters

Collation of time series

Cape Fur Seal

African Penguin

Great White Pelican

Cape Gannet


Kelp Gull

Other seabirds

Colonial waterbirds


Influence of environment and fish stocks on trends in top predators

Predators as indicators

Surveys of southern Angola

The status of seals and seabirds in the BCLME

Comparison of seabirds in the Benguela and the Humboldt LMEs

Capacity building

Monitoring recommendations

Scientific output

Annex 1

Annex 2

Annex 3

Recommended citation: S.P. Kirkman (ed.) 2007. Final Report of the BCLME (Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem) Project on Top Predators as Biological Indicators of Ecosystem Change in the BCLME. Avian Demography Unit, Cape Town.

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