Metadata for Datasets Curated by the ADU

  • BIRP: Birds In Reserves Project (BIRP)
  • CAR: Biannual roadcounts of large terrestrial birds
  • CWAC: Coordinated Waterbird Counts (CWAC) Programme
  • EchinoMAP: Atlas of African Echinoderma
  • OdonataMAP: Odonata Atlas of Southern Africa
  • SABAP1: Southern African Bird Atlas Project
  • SABAP2: Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2
  • SABCA: Southern African Butterfly Conservation Assessment (SABCA)
  • SAFAP: Atlas of the Frogs of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland
  • SAFRING: Southern African Bird Ringing Unit (SAFRING)
  • SARCA: Reptile Atlas of Southern Africa
    formerly: Southern African Reptile Conservation Assessment (SARCA)
  • ScorpionMAP: Atlas of African Scorpions
  • VIMMA: MammalMAP - Virtual Museum of African Mammals