Mr Marius Wheeler

Phone: (021) 650-4698
Email: marius [dot] wheeler [at] uct [dot] ac [dot] za



Marius is responsible for the smooth running of two of the ADU's long-term bird monitoring projects. The Coordinated Waterbird Counts (CWAC) project is the main focus of his work. Additionally he also coordinates the Birds in Reserves Project (BIRP), and to a lesser extent the Nest Record Card Scheme (NERCS).

Marius is originally from Namibia, where he completed his schooling and part of his tertiary education. He has travelled extensively throughout Namibia and his advice to anybody that has not been there yet is to go and experience some part of that country. During his student years he did work on a species within the Polyrachis genus, looking at the local distribution and energy requirements of this species of ant. He also worked on the African Black Oystercatcher Haematopus moquini around the Walvis Bay and Swakopmund areas. His work was focussed on the demography of this species.

Throughout his time at the ADU, Marius has been involved with various research and training projects throughout South Africa, as well as a few other African countries. He enjoys the travelling and usually squeezes in a bit of birding wherever he can. “Yes I have a bird Life List, but I am not a Twitcher”. Marius is also a qualified bird-ringer and helps out with ringing and monitoring projects around Cape Town. Other interests include cycling, hiking and bee farming!

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